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Our Story

December 18 2021 – Jerren Julien

Our Story
Our Story

Our life stories are very personal and often leave us feeling vulnerable. So we often hide them. We'd like to change that. Over the next few weeks, we would love to share with you our story. Our hope is that in some way, it may help or inspire you.

They say business isn’t personal, but in our case, it is (in the best way possible!).

Now… we are about to get real… During quarantine, we had a deep conversation about our future and where we envisioned ourselves in a year. Immediately, we both said to each other; “Not working for someone else!” Little did we know, less than a year from then, we were going to be doing exactly that.

We learned a lot during quarantine. We learned that we had skills and talents that we never would’ve known about had we not been temporarily laid off of work, not knowing what the future would hold. One of those talents, being naturally skilled in wood working, came into play plenty of times, doing DIYs all over the house.

A bit of a backstory—

We are photographers by trade. We have photographed weddings, family memories, pregnancy announcements and more! Anything that included people loving other people, WE PHOTOGRAPHED IT! So when we talk about our products bringing those memories to life, WE TRULY MEAN IT!

We were at one of our local breakfast spots around the corner, talking about remodeling for the house, decor for each room and where to buy, when it dawned on us, we can make everything ourselves. It felt as if it was a calling, that we had to share our passion for home decor with the world. We had no idea, in that moment, that our life would change forever. Or even more shockingly, just how much it would change…

That is when Studio Julien was born.

Our commitment with Studio Julien, is to offer safe, sustainable products that are simple, functional, and bring out the natural beauty of organic materials. Made aesthetically beautiful for your dream home decoration.